Friday, January 9, 2009

A Hug of Bears in a School Case

Here it is - my old school case as promised! There is a tiny white koala, Gumpy, tucked in to the left - he is holding a carved wooden gumnut. I have had him for as long as I can remember, he is a very much loved little fellow, although strictly speaking, not a bear at all.
Look closely and you will see Mr. Bean's Teddy - he's hiding at the back.
The well-endowed little hussy bursting out of her red top (front row in suitcase) was given to me by a family from the school where I taught. She's also wearing a tight leather skirt - I treasure her and the happy memories she brings of my teaching career.
The photos below are Gumpy again - he is only 3" high. When I was fossicking around in the cupboard I found my lovely old wooden school pencil case! It was (I think) a cigar box. Another cherished possession! We are a strange lot - the things that we hold dear are usually not valuable in a monetary sense, but are worth zillians to us for the memories they bring.As you can see, his ears have been flattened with hugs and his fur has been almost "loved off"!I will have news of new designs soon.
Bye for now,

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