Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creative Urge

As promised, a sneak preview of my new design, as yet un-named! Gorgeous Poinsettia range of fabrics, mixed with Sympatico and Shadow Play. Don't stop me now - kitchen is festooned with fabrics - I'm on a roll!!!!

Our Garden in Spring

Our garden in Spring - lots of photos here - and as you can see, we don't like lawn very much. High maintenance and mowers are smelly and polluting! Not a pretty sight - brown grass and dusty expanses in the Summer - we much prefer our untidy, bushy mess! The daffodils and jonquils have been beautiful. Now we have lots of daisies and lavender, and the bluebells are appearing everywhere! So are the forget-me-nots!

Tomorrow I'll post a snippet about my newest designs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Latest Visitor

Seen here sunning himself 0n our front deck - a beautiful blue tongue lizard. Now when we are gardening in our front yard and see a tail disappearing into the bushes we'll know it isn't a snake, but simply Roger, our blue tongue!After he posed for some snapshots, he quietly crawled under the deck and was heard muttering "Those annoying papparrazzi", or some such thing!

Teddy in a Tangle

Great excitement! I've finally made the front cover of Australian Patchwork & Stitching Magazine! Yes - that's my "Tangled Ted" in the middle - he is a project that you can make, just in time for Christmas, using fabric scraps from your stash.Now I must rush out and buy a dozen copies of the magazine to leave casually lying around!!!
News of new designs coming soon.

P.S. Meet Super Ted the guard dog.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Don't you just love him? There's a little corner of my heart that is reserved just for Sean. Can't you tell I'm a besotted Grandma!!?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Christmas Special

There are Christmas decorations in the shops already!!!
But there's plenty of time to stitch up a frenzy!!!
I have lots of ideas to help you on your way.
*Make a "Teddy Bear Christmas Stocking" and fill it with goodies.
*Embroider the recipient's name on the Christmas stocking.
*Make a Christmas wall hanging for a treasured friend.
*Make up a gift basket - patterns, threads, sewing bits & pieces, fat quarters, chocolates and a pretty mug.
*We have lots of Teddlywinks patterns that can be made up for children.
*Make a mini-quilt for a child (or an adult!) and wrap it around a teddy bear.
*Make the little sleeping bag pattern (#7203) in Christmas fabrics, and pop a teddy into it.
*Applique "Santa's Little Helper" (#4602) onto a t-shirt or apron.
*Applique any favourite Teddlywinks design onto a t-shirt or apron!
*Applique the bears from "The Boys are Back in Town" (#5107) or "Girls' Night Out" (#5104) onto children's clothing, eg. t-shirts, overalls, jackets.
*Make a library bag or art smock, or decorate a chair bag using your child's favourite Teddlywinks design.
And remember to add a personalised message on a quilt label, either for the recipient, or for yourself!
Holly Bearies (#4603) has some lovely "Christmassy" stitchery ideas, and Teddlywinks Quilt Labels (#1206) is a little booklet of quilt label designs.
Now is the time to get started on "A Teddy Bear Christmas" (#4607), either as a BOM for next year, or as a kit for this Christmas! It would look stunning displayed near your dining table or in an entrance hall.

Purchase any two Teddlywinks patterns and receive a free "Snoozy" pattern.
This offer ends October 31st 2008.
I have stitched bells on mine and hang it on the door
each year - it makes a lovely jingling sound as people pass
through. Go to for ordering details.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Subscriber Number One Thousand

Our congratulations go to Joanne from New South Wales - she is our 1000th newsletter subscriber! There is a little surprise on its way for you Joanne - enjoy!