Sunday, June 29, 2008


I've just been reading Lesley and Sandra's blog (Foothills Fabric and Threads) - they have moved into a new premises in Tecoma - just a few doors from their old shop. More room, lovely wooden floors - from the photos it looks light and spacious! Can't wait to drop in to see them - you can see the photos on their blog (click on the link in my favourite blogs list).
I also found a comment on their blog from an ex-pupil of mine from when I was teaching preps. Nicky, if you read this, "hello"! She does beautiful work - you can find the link to her blog, "Little Needle Case" in my list as well. While you're there, have a look at the elephant her Mum made - it's gorgeous!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Colour Change

Same quilt, different colours! Easy to do - just change the pink border and icing to blue, take away some violet and add some green, and you have a birthday banner for the little man in your life that will last for years, depending on how many candles you make - 3, 4, 5 ........ even 50?!
The candles have wadding inside them and are pinned to the quilt. You could even use felt instead - just cut out the candle shape, add a "flame" and pin to the quilt! Simple! See my website for details.
The rod is a hobby length piece of dowel available from hardware stores - drill a hole through each end for the cord. Using Jo Sonya folk art paint, cover with a base colour (I used pink for girls, blue for boys). When dry, add a coat of decor crackle, and top with a cream colour. The top coat then cracks to reveal the base colour. A lovely effect.
Then add a couple of coats of varnish. Thread cord through the holes and knot each end securely.

Friday, June 20, 2008

If you go down to Woodend today

A quickie this time! The Woodend Teddy Bear Show is held each year in October - Kerri Botwood and her band of trusty helpers do a fantastic job! Money raised goes to various wildlife funds including Free the Bears Inc. I have added the show's website to my list of favourites - be sure to have a look!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Friend Bron

Yes, I know - I'm technologically challenged!!! I draw all my designs with pencil and paper, and do a lot of cut and paste (not on the computer - but with scissors and gluestick!). Our invoices are hand written, as are our envelope addresses. Most of our bookwork is done with pen and ink and we have a very clever lady looking after our website. It has taken me this long to learn basic blogging! But, at last, without help, I have worked out how to add a list of favourites to my blogspot!
Now - I have to show you a photo! On Tuesday night we had dinner with friends at the Home Hotel, Launching Place. My lovely friend Bron had just arrived home from a 4WD trip with her hubby Barry. Bron is a bundle of laughs - loves a chat and would do anything for you. She's not afraid of a bit of hard work and can often be found, when invited to someone else's home for tea, in the kitchen doing the dishes - in fact there are times when she, well, basically takes over! (I don't mind because we don't have a dishwasher! Well.... I do, but he complains a lot!)
I thought I'd share this photo with you - it is so typically Bron! On their trip, doing the washing at "Talc Alf's" near Lyndhurst. I hope she's not washing the French lingerie in that tub! What every girl wants - the newest in technology - a washing machine that is good for you!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

QCE Episode 4

Last installment!
This is my other new design - Teddy Bear Cot Quilt and Tiny Teddy Sleeping Bag - although lots of my customers have named it the "1 2 3 4 quilt"! I made the sleeping bag so that little hands would find it easy to put their favourite Ted to bed.

Now, can I gloat?
I was thrilled to receive an award - a certificate of excellence for the representative who gave the best service in Victoria, 2008. A huge “Thank You” to everyone! I was quite chuffed!!!! (Service is something I'm very particular about - we all like happy customers, don't we!)
That's all for now,
Liz (up in the clouds!)

QCE Episode 3

I'm back! Trying to make it interesting! Finding it difficult! Here goes!
Caught up with Sue and Jim Daley, of Patchwork with Busy Fingers - a laugh a minute! Jim and David trying to out-do each other in the joke department! Often with hilarious results! (Whilst Sue and I were trying to maintain a dignified professional manner!) Sue's designs are sensational - she always puts up a beautiful display at the shows.
Speaking of jokes, our trip to Sydney was quite dreary, made worse by miles and miles of roadworks, although much to our surprise, the traffic was light. But the journey was made a little more "bear"able (that was a joke!) by listening to The Goon Show. We have about 12 hours worth on CD - what a great way to pass the time - it certainly kept us awake and alert, although we were worried about driving off the road from laughing!
Also met the lovely people from Lloyd Curzon Textiles - hello to Tim, Di and Jim. I can now put a face to the voices on the phone!
In one photo you can see Sue and Jim, with David. In the other, Sue with me.
More news to follow!

Friday, June 13, 2008

QCE Episode 2

We had a fantastic response to our new BOM design "Sew Busy Bears" at the show - and the pretty floral fabrics, "Little LuLu's" from Maywood Studio, is a very new range which should be around for some time. I had a great time creating this one - and the fabrics were a joy to sew! Orders for this pattern have already come, not only from Australian customers, but also from Canada and New Zealand!
A riot of a time was had at the show - sore, tight faces from smiling and laughing! I'm taking comfort in the fact that when you smile fewer muscles are used than when you frown, so fewer wrinkles!
I met up with Helen Stubbings from Hugs & Kisses - wandered past her stand trying to find a quiet moment to say hello but she was constantly busy! Then I found out why! Boobie Buttons! Her customers were colouring in! It must be the child in us - I sat down and coloured in as well!
Boobie Buttons are cute little fabric badges in an assortment of designs - they could be seen being proudly worn by many customers around the show!
Make a note in your diaries to watch ABC TV's New Inventors on July 2nd - a fellow Mount Evelyn resident, Leonie West, of Westalee Designs, has produced a new adjustable cutting ruler which will make accuracy with your rotary cutter much easier, especially when cutting lots of the same measurement. Good luck Lee!
We also met, for the first time, the lovely Natalie Ross and her sister Mel - their first show and they were such fun to be next to - we compared notes about the comfort of the beds in Rydges!!! I just love Natalie's newest design - "The Wonder of Spring". The talent of some of our Aussie designers never ceases to amaze me. Thanks girls for helping to make the weekend such fun!
By the way - someone (I'm not naming anyone!) was seen in the Rydges (4 ½ starhotel) foyer in her pyjamas later in the evening!
Time for lunch, next installment coming soon!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

QCE at Rosehill Episode 1

What a weekend we had! Posh hotel! Dream bed! Went to Sydney, for the Quilt & Craft Expo (trade only) show, where we stayed at Rydges, just opposite Rosehill Racecourse where the show was held. The view from the hotel was beautiful at night - all those pretty city lights from Parramatta. The bed - it was like sleeping on a cloud! Did you know that you can buy a Dream Bed through the Rydges website?! I'm very tempted! Photo shows view. Room service burgers for tea on the first night! Delicious!
Our room had a secret door. When we arrived we couldn't find any tea-making facilities and decided that the weekend was going to be an expensive one if we were going to have to get room service every time we wanted a cuppa! So the next day I asked at the desk - we were told that yes, we should have a kettle etc. and it would be sorted. Imagine our embarrassment, upon arriving back at our room, a "secret" door had been opened next to the wardrobe. Inside we found the kettle, tea-making bits and pieces and the mini-bar!!!! (We're just simple country folk!!!)
More tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Website Updates

Busy, busy, busy! Photocopier not quite fixed, but usable for the time being. We may have to upgrade considering the number of copies we've done lately! Trade show looming - just how much can I fit in a Lancer with the back seats down? You'd be surprised!!!!
I had a lovely surprise in the mail today - a customer from Sechelt in Canada who was so pleased with her order that she sent me a postcard of "The Ferry Boat Ride Quilt" (photo below), a quilt made a couple of years ago by The Sunshine Coast Quilter's Guild for their raffle. Also enclosed in the little package was one of their Guild pins (photo above). If you read this, thank you Mae - I will treasure it. I'm going to wear it to the show, and I think I've discovered another hobby! Collecting quilting pins!!!!!!
And thank you to all the ladies who have sent me cards and letters - I am constantly amazed by the friendliness and generosity of spirit of people in the quilting world.
News of the new designs coming very soon - website updates are on the way!