Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The kids are back at school and although Christmas is a memory, I'd like to show you my festive t-shirt, made using Teddlywinks pattern "Santa's Little Helper". I had a plain shirt and appliqued the teddy on the front and some bells on the back. Gold thread, bells and holly made it look very "Christmassy" indeed! Maybe I'll do another one with bears from "Girls' Night Out" or "Bug Bears" or "At the Bottom of the Garden" or "Picnic Time" or ............!!
The posibilities are endless!!!!
'Bye for now,

Monday, January 28, 2008

Woodland Friends Stitchery

I have five minutes before tea is ready - thought I'd quickly let you know about my little stitchery wall hanging, "Woodland Friends", which has been published in the current edition of Australian Patchwork & Stitching (Vol 8 No 4). It could also be framed or used as part of a bigger quilt - imagination is a wonderful thing!
Dinner is calling!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our "Grand-Dogs"

To all our fellow Australians, no matter where you are in the world - I hope you have all enjoyed, or just taken a few minutes to reflect upon our national day on the 26th. January - Australia Day.
My family originally came here from Britain, just after the Second World War - Dad from West Calder in Scotland and Mum from just outside Cardiff in Wales. They both served in the armed forces, as did my grandparents who followed Mum and Dad to Australia a few years later. They found everyone here to be so welcoming, and made many close friendships over the years - the spirit of "mateship" that is essentially Australian was of great comfort to them after having been through such appalling times during the war. Australia is indeed a wonderful country.
These are our beautiful "Grand-Dogs". The Jack Russell, standing, is Jack (of course!) and Eddy, we think is part Jack Russell, part Dachshund, with probably something else mixed in there as well! Their temperaments are totally different as Jack is the livewire, on the go all the time, and Eddy is more placid, but together they are a mischievous pair! If we don't have grandchildren yet, at least we can have grand-dogs!
'Bye for now,

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Aaaaaargh!!!!! I need a workroom!!!!! I am sitting here in our second bedroom/study with boxes of plastic bags, photocopy paper and toner around my feet, and cardboard boxes of bits and pieces relating to the business threatening to leap off the shelves onto my head. This room has been dubbed the "Teddlywinks Control Centre".
My kitchen bench is invisible under the latest creation which is nearly ready to go on the quilting frame, the frame being in the lounge along with tubs full of fabrics and sewing paraphernalia (bless the clever little inventor of spell-check!). This is where I do most of my hand sewing and it has been dubbed the "Teddlywinks Mental Health Room".
The third bedroom, the smallest in the house, is full of more fabric, sewing machines and pattern stock. This room has been dubbed the "Teddlywinks Tip".
Our bedroom is the only room in the house that has escaped the ravages. It has been dubbed "Rest of House".
My every second sentence is "I can't find my glasses (or scissors, tape measure, pins, ......)!
David's every second sentence is "I can't find my wife!"
Ah, well, it must be time for lunch - but I can't find the table - it's covered in threads, wadding and pattern instructions!
'Till next time,
Photo is of "Honey Bear Hollow", a quilt depicting a teddy bear shop. It is made using applique and embroidery - there are little teddies sitting on the shelves in the windows, waiting to be "adopted". More details on our website.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Design Coming Soon

A Teddy Bear Tea Party - the name of a new Teddlywinks design coming soon, the pattern should be available by the middle of February. Picture tea cups and saucers, teaspoons, mugs, flowers, cupcakes, a jug and sugar bowl. And not forgetting those mischievous teddy bears! Keep an eye on our website. Here is a sneak preview!
'Bye for now! Happy stitching! Liz

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Parrots in our garden

We love all the bird life that visits our garden - it's funny watching the antics of the parrots working out the "pecking order" for the seed! The brightly coloured little lorikeets are the winners by far - they will even take on the galahs and cockatoos!
Some of the king parrots can be hand-fed, they can be quite demanding - calling out to let us know that they are waiting. At night our little furry friends the possums finish off any seed that the birds have missed!
'Bye for now,

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Teddy Bear Christmas

Here is my latest creation - "A Teddy Bear Christmas" - that I designed after I was asked when I was going to produce another Christmas design. I had the idea of a tree with teddies hiding amongst the branches, and from this centre block the rest of the quilt grew! I love embellishments - as you may be able to see in the photo - gold thread, bells, buttons, bows, charms - all make it even more special, particularly if you add your own bits and pieces. There are a couple of gift name tags that can be personalised with names of loved ones! It is a block of the month and can be viewed on my website.
Enjoy your stitching!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope a Happy Christmas was had by all - and a very Happy New Year to everyone!

Here in Victoria it has been hot, hot, hot!!! On New Year's Eve our younger son, Mark, and his fiance Rachael, were married in our garden. 41 degrees with the "added attraction" of a strong hot northerly wind!!!! However, the ceremony was held during the morning and was kept short, photos quickly taken, then everyone inside for the wedding breakfast. A beautiful day for our lovely family! And guess what we gave them as a wedding present? Of course - a quilt!!! The attached photo shows (left to right) David, Rachael, Mark, and me on the end. Behind us are our daughter-in-law Susanne and older son Paul. Susanne made Rachael's dress and we all thought she did a stunning job!

Now that things have returned to normal, I'm looking forward to getting some sewing done, and new designs completed!
'Till next time,