Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Mystery Night

Christmas Mystery Night - or "Secret Santa" as most call it - at The Patchwork Tea House, was a fun-filled night out for 30 plus ladies. Marilyn asked me to design a project specifically for this night - what fun I had creating something festive, yet simple to make, that would appeal to everyone!
I decided to make a little "Christmas Treasures" bag - the wording could be changed to "Grandma's Christmas Treasures", or a name could be stitched instead.
This was kept a secret until the night - hence "Secret Santa" - but I must confess that I showed it to some friends a couple of days before. It passed the test with flying colours, so I could rest easy that it would be received favourably on the night!
I also added a cat design to the pattern for those who (heaven forbid!) do not like teddy bears (as you know, cats are not my favourite animal - causing destruction to our native wildlife). Two ladies made the cat (instantly wiped from my Chrissy card list!!!) and another left a space so that she could decide at a later date - she was thinking of appliqueing bells and holly instead. What a good idea!
The design will be released as a pattern next year, with extra applique drawings added.

Above - Anne-Marie helping hand out raffle prizes, and below - Marilyn drawing winning tickets.
More photos of the evening - everyone enjoying the company, stitching, fun and lovely supper!

Only down side of the evening was the drive home - dark, wet and dreary!!!!


Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Liz! What do you mean, some people don't like bears!! And they like CATS instead - how weird is THAT!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Of course, I may just be a wee bit biased there! Your Christmas sack bag is so cute - I bet everyone (even the cat people!) had fun making it and it looks like lots of fun was had on the night! Have a great week counting down to Christmas - EEK!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Anonymous said...

The Christmas bag is sooo cute. I much prefer bears...mind you I am biased as I am allergic to cats. Bears are so cute. Your work is lovely. The bag will certainly be on my to do list for next xmas.
It does seem to me that people seem to think patchwork?craft and cats go hand in hand. What about dogs? I guess cats are more generic.