Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

These mischievous dogs are Jack (left) and Eddy. They belong to Mark and Rachael and are the funniest little dogs ever! If you are familiar with the Jack Russell breed you will understand, although Eddy seems to have some dacshund in him - short legs and rotund body - but the body could be due to his insatiable appetite!

Down to the serious stuff.
I have compiled my list.
These resolutions are UNBREAKABLE!
The BEST kind!
AND I think they will last for much longer than a year!
Here we go.............
1. Eat more chocolate.
2. Watch the midday movie in my pyjamas.
3. Buy more fabric for my stash.
4. Make more quilts.
5. Eat more chocolate.
6. Adopt more teddy bears, either by purchasing or making them.
7. Do less housework ( that possible?)
8. Make more lemon tart.
9. Making more lemon tart also involves drinking more coffee - nothing nicer that lemon tart and fresh coffee, except, of course, chocolate!
10. Oh, and eat more chocolate.

And I'm going to keep every single one of them!

Happy New Year Everyone - and remember to keep your sense of humour no matter what!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Looming

Christmas has come - Christmas has gone! It was LOVELY with our little Sean gurgling his way through the festivities! Here he is with Paddington Bear. I must tell you a little story.
In the seventies, when my children were small, their Grandma (my Mum) went back to the "Old Country" as she used to call it, for a holiday and to catch up with friends and relatives. Mum was born in Wales.
She sent lots of postcards, the last one letting us know that she had "surprises" for Paul and Mark (we had visions of the t-shirt printed with "My Grandma went to England and all she bought me was this lousy t-shirt")!!
The Qantas flights from London usually arrived at Tullamarine around 5 am in the morning - we picked up a very tired little lady (she was under 5 feet tall), struggling through customs with a couple of peculiar lumps and bumps about her person. These bumps appeared to be two furry noses. On further inspection, the boys were delighted to find a Paddington Bear each, with different coloured duffle coats and rain hats to tell them apart. Mum passed away in 1991 - the boys treasure these bears to this day.
This Christmas, Paul gave Sean his very own Paddington - what a thoughtful and loving Dad he is!!!!
I can't believe how quickly this year has gone by - I know, you hear that all the time. But 12 months ago today was the day Mark and Rach were married! Melbourne's unpredictable weather - Last year the temperature on New Year's Eve reached 42 degrees - today the top temperature predicted is 22 degrees!!!!!!!
Happy First Anniversary Rach and Mark!
I hope you all had a happy and joyous Christmas.
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

First Christmas for Sean

I have finished Sean's Christmas stocking - delivered to him this morning so that he could have it ready for Santa on Christmas Eve. It is probably big enough for him to sleep in! And not a teddy bear in sight ............until you look at the back!!!
How exciting!

My neighbour, Barbara, came in today with a little surprise, but it's a secret. I'll post a photo on my blog on Tuesday, so you'll just have to wait!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Heather's Quilt

A lady I know, Heather, showed me her beautiful quilt, made from several Teddlywinks stitchery patterns. I had her send me the photo so that I could blog it - I think it's gorgeous, and I simply love the colours - such a beautiful combination. It goes to show what an imagination can do!
Thank you Heather!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Current Family Favourite

Our current family favourite! Isn't he gorgeous! Very impressed with our Christmas tree!
Did I tell you that he's already writing his name and doing sums? Very advanced for his age!!!!
Ooops! Thump! The possums have landed on the roof - that tells me it's time for bed!
Good night!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Mystery Night

Christmas Mystery Night - or "Secret Santa" as most call it - at The Patchwork Tea House, was a fun-filled night out for 30 plus ladies. Marilyn asked me to design a project specifically for this night - what fun I had creating something festive, yet simple to make, that would appeal to everyone!
I decided to make a little "Christmas Treasures" bag - the wording could be changed to "Grandma's Christmas Treasures", or a name could be stitched instead.
This was kept a secret until the night - hence "Secret Santa" - but I must confess that I showed it to some friends a couple of days before. It passed the test with flying colours, so I could rest easy that it would be received favourably on the night!
I also added a cat design to the pattern for those who (heaven forbid!) do not like teddy bears (as you know, cats are not my favourite animal - causing destruction to our native wildlife). Two ladies made the cat (instantly wiped from my Chrissy card list!!!) and another left a space so that she could decide at a later date - she was thinking of appliqueing bells and holly instead. What a good idea!
The design will be released as a pattern next year, with extra applique drawings added.

Above - Anne-Marie helping hand out raffle prizes, and below - Marilyn drawing winning tickets.
More photos of the evening - everyone enjoying the company, stitching, fun and lovely supper!

Only down side of the evening was the drive home - dark, wet and dreary!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Goodness - the time has slipped away from me!!! How many days until Christmas? I have done nothing except put up the decorations! We always have a real tree - love the smell - and this was bought yesterday from a Christmas tree farm not far from us. Sean visited yesterday and he was fascinated by the lights and pretty colours.
I went silly outside as well - baubles from the trees and under the pergola! The birds are rather confused!!!!
I have more news about "Secret Santa" - will tell you soon! With photos!!!!

Bye for now!