Thursday, November 20, 2008

Queen of the Freebies

Because we are "tied to our stand" at the AQM, it is difficult to have a really good look around at the beautiful fabrics, notions, gadgets and gizmos that are new on the market. This time I rushed around during quiet spells, sniffing out the "freebies" - with great success, I might add!
A few of the things I snaffled:
A sample of a new stiff bag wadding from Victorian Textiles.
From SSS a clock and a "goodies" bag with interesting bits & pieces.
Some magazines from Universal Publications (bless their little cotton socks!).
From Freudenberg some samples of Lutradur, Sol-U-Web,Quiltlite, Lamifix and RainbowSPUN.

All these are great for kindling the creative urge, which means new designs!!!
And a lovely lady from Creative Abundance gave us a festive pack of Christmas cards showing photos of the girls' designs on the front!
A is for apple, b is for boat!
"Alphabears" is a new design for the littlies. It is a standard cot quilt, and also a swag. There are templates for every letter of the alphabet, so any child's name can be made up. Of course, I made mine for Sean!
Go to for ordering details.
Bye for now!

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