Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spoil your Grandchildren

It's lovely to receive photographs of completed projects! This one was sent to me by Jo, who lives in Queensland - she made "Picnic Time for Teddy Bears" for her new grandson. She is relatively new to quilting and has even made the "Tired Little Teddy Bear" pillowslip. Jo - you have made a beautiful quilt that your grandson will treasure!
If anyone else would like to send photos of finished Teddlywinks projects, I would love to see them!
I had a lovely day last Sunday, at the Warburton Golf Club. No, not a round of golf - I have trouble telling one end of a golf club from another! I remember once attempting to hit the ball and it finished up on the green behind us!! I'm much better at walking with the golfers and enjoying the scenery!! I will tell you all about Sunday next time. Meanwhile, here is a clue! (You can tell from our faces that it was quite warm!)
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