Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hotel Mayhem

Are we the only ones who have "unfortunate occurrences" when staying in hotels? On the weekend we attended the Australian Quilt Market, a trade show. Photo above shows David taking a breather when we'd finished putting our stand together.
Set-up was on Friday, so we decided to stay in the city, to save all that travelling back and forth each day. Booked a hotel room months ago because of the Andre Rieu concert - we wanted to make sure we had accommodation!
First incident - couldn't make the elevator stop at our floor. Up and down we went, but to no avail! Tried the other elevator (no stairs, only the fire escape) but the same thing happened. Met an elderly couple who demonstrated how to insert your room card into a slot, and, hey presto! Yes - success! We're just simple country folk!!!!
Second incident - tried to get a meal on Saturday night (room service pizzas on Friday night - too tired to tart ourselves up and go out!). Hotel restaurant booked out. Couldn't get a meal until 8.30pm. Walked around the block - next hotel - same story. Nothing else open in that area. Went back to our hotel and had a drink at the bar. Meanwhile, hotel restaurant still empty - those with bookings not eating yet. We could have ordered, eaten and gone by the time anyone else arrived! Ordered room service - it arrived over an hour later! (Andre Rieu concert the cause!)
Third incident - sound of running water that night. Coming from either the room next door or upstairs. Rang reception - they had someone investigate - next door's toilet had been flushing for over 45 minutes!
Fourth incident - 7am the next morning our smoke alarm went off! (No smoke, and no steam in the room.) It stopped but still sort of "glitched". Rang reception - they said it was a "false alarm" - duh!!!!
Things I don't like about hotels - floppy shower heads, hard pillows, pillows that are too big, no surfaces in bathrooms for "cosmeticky" bits and pieces, windows that won't open, air conditioning that is too hot, doors slamming in the night, not enough towels ( I like an extra one for my hair), not enough coat hangers, nowhere for shoes or suitcases..........
Things I like about hotels - room service, mini bar, the morning papers, no housework, the little sign you hang on the door knob ("Do not disturb" or "Please make up my room"), and the way (usually) the staff make you feel special.
This is how I like my coffee - black and strong. We enjoyed a cup just before the show opened each morning.
More about the AQM soon.

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Webmaster Sally said...

Well, I stopped by because I saw the words, Andre Rieu. But I must say your quilts and bears are the cutest things!
Technology is our friend and the bane of our existence at times. Elevators that have a magic card rather than a button. (As so many do these days) I don't recall when there were Elevator Operators, but wouldn't that be nice?
Next year if you travel to where Andre Rieu, please attend the concert as well, I think you would have a good time. :)
Kind Regards,
Sally from