Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cover Girl

I've done it again!!! Front cover of Australian Bear Creations Magazine!!! (Himself is threatening to widen all the doorways so that my ego/big head will fit through!) Ho hum ....... off to the newsagent for multiple copies to leave lying around!! (Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame - I'm making the most of mine!)
The project is a little wall hanging - quick and simple to put together, could easily be made before Christmas. It's very similar to the one featured in Patchwork & Stitching, see last month's blog "Teddy in a Tangle". It would make a lovely gift.
A couple of new patterns coming soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Woodend Teddies

It was a superb weekend at Woodend - the show was a resounding success - the only disappointment was that I simply forgot to take photos! All I have are these couple of our stand - very dull when what we all want to see is bears, bears and more bears, oh, and people! Sandra Wigzell from Bear Creations Magazine was there to open the show, and Cuddles the Bear wandered around giving out free hugs. Kerri Botwood from Kerri's Bundle of Bears (a must-visit shop in Woodend) and her trusty band of helpers did a fantastic job of organising and running the show. Thank you Kerri!
Our friends Pam and Alan came down from Echuca for the day - they brought lunch with them.
Pam, you're a star! Your sandwiches were delicious, and the cake was heavenly. But I'm not coming to your place until you get rid of the snake! (Just joking!)
I did get some shots of the Doll and Teddy Decor stand. You really need to have a look at their website. They make the most beautiful furniture for dolls and teddies and their prices are very reasonable! (Himself did a lot of muttering about someone spending the profits of the day's trade, and something about having no room in the car for the trip home - I really couldn't see the problem - I only bought a little cradle and bench seat for some of my bears!) Here are some photos and you'll see what I mean.Look carefull at the photo above - the doll is sitting on a little see-saw. Behind is a little swing.
In the photo below - at the top you can see a little bench seat, and under it is a cradle - they now have teddies sitting in them, in our home! I was right to make this small purchase, wasn't I?!!In the last photo is a lovely Amish cradle and a little pusher. I was very tempted - maybe next time? Then, of course, there was the rocking horse, and the little bridge, and............I promise I'll take more photos next year!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Glorious Colour

A quick blog today - the clematis is in flower - gorgeous blooms the size of bread and butter plates!
Pumpkin is looking a bit sad - he's not going to Woodend, but I wouldn't put it past him to hide in one of the bags!
See you at the show on Sunday!

Three days until the Woodend Teddy Bear Show

Sad news - yesterday we had a cockatoo feeding from the bird feeder. He had a very deformed beak and not much left of his crest. Although he seemed to be coping with eating through the side of his beak (not much use for breaking open husks), he was in a very sad state. David found him dead this afternoon in our garden.
Good news - grandson Sean is thriving - eight weeks old and a happy little chappy! See photo with doting Grandpa!More good news - Woodend Teddy Bear Show is only three days away.
For all the information visit
Isn't nature wonderful? Our bird of paradise has its very first flower. Gorgeous! And the bees are loving the lavender - it's a bit like "Where's Wally"! There are two bees in the photo that I can see - maybe you can find more?See you at Woodend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Woodend Teddy Bear Show

Sorry, sorry, sorry - I haven't blogged for a while - things here have been hectic, preparing for the Woodend Teddy Bear Show next weekend (more about that in a minute), and getting two new designs ready for the AQM (trade show) in November. This means deadlines to meet! I have been sewing up samples and taking photographs. The photos and blurb are then sent to the lovely lady who looks after our website. She is also the designer of our brochure which needs updating to a larger format. Pattern lists need to be altered, newsletters need to be sent out to shops and our online subscribers, and, of course, there's proof reading (several times), preparing and putting together of patterns! All of this on top of filling and sending out orders! Who said a designer's life was a bed of roses!!? But I still love it!
"Honey Bear Hollow" was inspired by the little town of Woodend near the Macedon Ranges in country Victoria. Next weekend, on Sunday 26th. October, The Woodend Teddy Bear Show will be taking place at St. Ambrose Hall, Templeton Street, from 10am - 4pm. Funds raised from this premier Victorian event will go to Free the Bears Fund Inc. The show is in it's third year and is growing rapidly in popularity, with stallholders on a waiting list for a space! It is a lovely day out, we will be there, so make a day of it!
That's all for now!