Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday I visited Foothills Fabric & Threads at Tecoma - Lesley and Sandra have moved into their beautiful, beautiful new shop, just a few doors down from the old one. Polished wood floors, lovely timber counter (made by Lesley's hubby Peter - what a star!), lovely area at the back for classes and groups, lots of space and light - a real "feel good" place! I'll take some photos next time I'm there.
I came home feeling thoroughly disheartened with my lot - I am not usually an envious person, but I so loved what they have done! These photos are what I am putting up with - and this is before I get out the sewing machine - much of what I do happens in the kitchen! However, we do have our plans drawn up for a workroom, so need to "save our pennies!" I'd better stop feeling sorry for myself, stop blogging and start designing!!
Congratulations Lesley and Sandra - it's a beautiful shop - your customers will love it!

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