Saturday, June 14, 2008

QCE Episode 3

I'm back! Trying to make it interesting! Finding it difficult! Here goes!
Caught up with Sue and Jim Daley, of Patchwork with Busy Fingers - a laugh a minute! Jim and David trying to out-do each other in the joke department! Often with hilarious results! (Whilst Sue and I were trying to maintain a dignified professional manner!) Sue's designs are sensational - she always puts up a beautiful display at the shows.
Speaking of jokes, our trip to Sydney was quite dreary, made worse by miles and miles of roadworks, although much to our surprise, the traffic was light. But the journey was made a little more "bear"able (that was a joke!) by listening to The Goon Show. We have about 12 hours worth on CD - what a great way to pass the time - it certainly kept us awake and alert, although we were worried about driving off the road from laughing!
Also met the lovely people from Lloyd Curzon Textiles - hello to Tim, Di and Jim. I can now put a face to the voices on the phone!
In one photo you can see Sue and Jim, with David. In the other, Sue with me.
More news to follow!

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