Thursday, May 22, 2008

Travelling Teds

This is "Travelling Teds", one of my first designs - inspired by a holiday we went on to the UK - I came home with a suitcase full of bears! We stayed in a very pretty little town in Wales, Llangollen, where my grandparents used to go for their holidays. There we found a lovely little shop called "Paws for Bears" run by a very friendly couple, Chris and Jeanette. Naturally I "adopted" a few teds, one of which has a growler. He went into my cabin bag when we flew back to Australia, much to the surprise of a fellow passenger who set the growler going when he put his bag next to mine in the overhead locker!
That was six years ago - I don't think Paws for Bears is there any more. I'd love to go back for another holiday!
I'll just have to keep on sewing!

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