Friday, May 9, 2008

Ernie Dingle

I thought I'd introduce you to Ernie Dingle - a well-travelled little ted! He's a Russ bear born in China, and he moved all the way around the world to live in Ireland. Back in 2002 we found him in a shop in the seaside town of Dingle, in a very beautiful part of County Kerry. The Dingle Peninsular has spectacular scenery and is steeped in history - I could wax lyrical about it, but I think it should be experienced to be believed.
However, we adopted Ernie Dingle and brought him home to Australia where he is leading a very happy existence sitting on a wooden ladder with all his mates!
He will be featured on the cover of one of my new designs, "Teddy Bear Cot Quilt" - in his very own little sleeping bag. I've nearly finished the pattern and will launch it on the unsuspecting public very soon!
So much sewing to do! Bliss!

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