Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Stitching Hint

I have had several requests for hints about stitching the teddies' eyes - getting the expression just right. Try tracing the facial features onto the cut out fabric pieces before they are fused onto the background material - use a light box or window, something with a source of light behind it. I like to use a fine brown permanent marker such as a Zig Millennium, which is acid free, waterproof and non-bleeding. Water erasable pens will stain the fabric if not properly washed out before ironing. Use a tiny backstitch for the outline, inserting the needle into the hole of the previous stitch - this allows you to create an even curve. Once the outline is done, use satin stitch to fill in the pupils.
I use a small fused-on fabric piece as a template for the noses, and satin stitch over this in a dark brown. This also helps to camouflage any gaps in your stitching. Ironing helps to even out uneven stitches as well.
Hope this helps!

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