Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wind Storms

I have the cleanest fridge in Australia! No more out of date bottles or jars of unidentifiable foodstuffs, and nothing growing or alive! I spent last Friday morning giving it a Spring clean (even though it's Autumn!) and no, I'm not particularly obsessive about housework!
This all came about because of those ferocious wind storms that most of Victoria endured - our power was off from midday Wednesday to Friday brekky time - needless to say, we lost all our frozen foods, and most of the bits and pieces in the fridge were better off in the garbage! So off to the shops to re-stock!

I have just finished a little Christmas wall hanging - it will probably be published in the Christmas Special issue of Patchwork & Stitching - I'll let you know and in the meantime, here is a photo.

I love my computer - while doing this blog I'm also talking to my son Mark on Messenger - he wants to know if we want fish & chips for tea. So I won't have to cook tonight! He and his wife Rachael live not far from us - they'll be here in about 20 minutes! Lovely!

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Swapna said...

Hello Liz..

Absolutely love your work..please do post some more close-up pictures of your work..can't drool over them enough!!!