Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fabric Flowers

It has been a busy couple of weeks, with the release of Teddy Bear Tea Party - it is becoming a very popular design, and will probably go close to being a best-seller for us!
I love to embellish - using buttons, beads, metallic threads, felt tags, fabric flowers, laces..............get the idea? One of my designs, "At the Bottom of the Garden", features fabric flowers stitched on amongst the appliqued flowers. Very easy to make, just cut out five fabric circles and fold each o
ne twice. Run a gathering stitch, with strong thread, around the curved edge of one of the pieces, pull in to gather, then add another "petal" by continuing the gathering stitch around the curved edge of the next piece, pull in to gather, and so on until all petals have been joined. Finally, secure the last petal to the first. Stitch to your quilt, wall hanging, hat, bag (or whatever!) and stitch a button in the centre.
I'm off to the Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne on Friday 22nd February, to help my friends from The Patchwork Tea House. If you are there, call in at s
tand 321/322 and say hello! If you have never been to this show before, it's well worth a visit - I think it's the best of all the shows if you are a patchworker/quilter.
Happy stitching!

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