Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our "Grand-Dogs"

To all our fellow Australians, no matter where you are in the world - I hope you have all enjoyed, or just taken a few minutes to reflect upon our national day on the 26th. January - Australia Day.
My family originally came here from Britain, just after the Second World War - Dad from West Calder in Scotland and Mum from just outside Cardiff in Wales. They both served in the armed forces, as did my grandparents who followed Mum and Dad to Australia a few years later. They found everyone here to be so welcoming, and made many close friendships over the years - the spirit of "mateship" that is essentially Australian was of great comfort to them after having been through such appalling times during the war. Australia is indeed a wonderful country.
These are our beautiful "Grand-Dogs". The Jack Russell, standing, is Jack (of course!) and Eddy, we think is part Jack Russell, part Dachshund, with probably something else mixed in there as well! Their temperaments are totally different as Jack is the livewire, on the go all the time, and Eddy is more placid, but together they are a mischievous pair! If we don't have grandchildren yet, at least we can have grand-dogs!
'Bye for now,

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