Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Aaaaaargh!!!!! I need a workroom!!!!! I am sitting here in our second bedroom/study with boxes of plastic bags, photocopy paper and toner around my feet, and cardboard boxes of bits and pieces relating to the business threatening to leap off the shelves onto my head. This room has been dubbed the "Teddlywinks Control Centre".
My kitchen bench is invisible under the latest creation which is nearly ready to go on the quilting frame, the frame being in the lounge along with tubs full of fabrics and sewing paraphernalia (bless the clever little inventor of spell-check!). This is where I do most of my hand sewing and it has been dubbed the "Teddlywinks Mental Health Room".
The third bedroom, the smallest in the house, is full of more fabric, sewing machines and pattern stock. This room has been dubbed the "Teddlywinks Tip".
Our bedroom is the only room in the house that has escaped the ravages. It has been dubbed "Rest of House".
My every second sentence is "I can't find my glasses (or scissors, tape measure, pins, ......)!
David's every second sentence is "I can't find my wife!"
Ah, well, it must be time for lunch - but I can't find the table - it's covered in threads, wadding and pattern instructions!
'Till next time,
Photo is of "Honey Bear Hollow", a quilt depicting a teddy bear shop. It is made using applique and embroidery - there are little teddies sitting on the shelves in the windows, waiting to be "adopted". More details on our website.

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